What is the “LIKE”

Hi! I’m Nozomi, a member of Reach Kanazawa’s ambassadors. I’m from Aichi prefecture. I have been in Kanazawa for 1 year and 2 months as a Kanazawa university student.  I’ve got used to living here.


Honestly, when I was a high school student, I did not know “Kanazawa” exactly.

However, the more I live here, the more I can find charm of Kanazawa now.

Today, there are many and uncountable “LIKE”s in Kanazawa like these pictures.

Oh, what is the “LIKE” ?  LIKE is one of concepts. It concludes interesting things, views, buildings, foods, spots, and people.

For example, if you check your Facebook or Instagram, your friends upload

goods photos to Facebook. You want to press the like button on them or posted a comment on them, don’t you? The feeling is just “LIKE” !

To sum up, Kanazawa has much charm as other people feel good. Therefore, I planned the tour. Its name is …

“Get More “LIKES” With Me! ~A Photographic Trip in Kanazawa~”

Tour Booking:

Get More “LIKES” With Me! ~A Photographic Trip in Kanazawa~

Through this tour, we will find out “LIKE”s in Kanazawa with photos.

We will be a “LIKE Hunter” !!!!!  Let’s hunt “LIKE”s here.

Why don’t you come and visit?


  • Nozomi Kato