A Profile of Kanazawa

I moved to Kanazawa from Kobe 3 years ago. I was surprised 2 things mainly after I came to Kanazawa. : The deliciousness of raw fishes and the calmness of the night.
For the first, Kanazawa is famous for fish especially in raw fish. Many Japanese people know its deliciousness even if they have not come to Kanazawa. If you would like to eat yummy fish with reasonable prices, I recommend you to go to a revolving sushi bar originated in Kanazawa. In there, you can choose fishes from many choices and adjust as you like depend on your estimate and your fullness.
Next, when you come to Kanazawa, I think you should go to the Kanazawa castle in the night. Maybe it is closed so you cannot go to inside of the castle (it is depend on the day), however, it is lighted up in a solemn atmosphere and your heart must be refreshed. There is few cars in the midnight, so the atmosphere near the Kanazawa castle is extremely calm and something like holiness. If you are not too drunken men or women, you should leave your hotel and go for walk near the castle.