Yuki Kunisawa

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 21

I study education. In every weekend, I play with children in nature. It is very useful for me to become a teacher and I enjoy it! There are a lot of hobbies for me. For example, playing tennis, playing the piano, watching TV, reading books, traveling…etc. I'm interested in foreign countries too. When I was twenty years old, I went to Germany for a month to study abroad. At that time, I saw some beautiful places, for example a castle. There are a lot of World Heritages in Europe countries. Kanazawa city has many historical places too. I want to visit that area with you. I like talking with my friends, so let's have a good relationship.

Nationality Japan
Hobby Camping
Job Kanazawa University Student
Countries I've been to Germany, Guam



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