Tetsu Kuribayashi

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 21

Kanazawa, a beautiful city in the Hokuriku region, has traditional buildings, crafts, and food which has been inherited from the past. When I first came to Kanazawa, I was amazed by the varieties of traditional features in Kanazawa. Then, I wanted others to feel the greatness of this city. Here, not only I would like to introduce the history and attractions in Kanazawa, but also delicious food which could only be eaten in Kanazawa.

Nationality Japan
Hobby Volleyball games, Cooking, Playing the guitar, Snowboarding
Job Kanazawa University student
Countries I've been to Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China


  • 面接会について
  • Ishikawa・Nomi


  • Omi-cho Market Tour × Roll an International Cooking Party!
  • Let’s Karaoke & Go Sento-Learn to Take a Japanese Bath !