Arimoto Katsutoshi

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 21

Hello!! I'm Katsutoshi Arimoto. Please call me “Kacchan”. I'm from Kansai region , near Kobe city so I can speak Kansai dialogue (it is a local language in Kansai region. ex: Thank you ↪ OKINI ,not Arigato) . I do my best to become your trip not only a fun experience, but “Forever memories”.
Then, I wanna become sushi professor after graduating in. In order to make my dream come true, why don't we have a lunch together to share the knowledge of “foods”.
Please select my guide course “Reach Dreams”.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Nationality Japan
Hobby Play and watch baseball, basketball and Yosakoi, Watch animes
Job Kanazawa University Student
Countries I've been to Philippines, Malaysia, USA(Detroit)